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Cayenne Models

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Experience the Drive.

Inside and out, this vehicle exudes one thing above all else: enthusiasm. For life, and for the road.

The front is the perfect expression of dynamic character. The new Cayenne enables you to give free rein to the vehicle’s athletic prowess.

Inside, too, there’s no shortage of enthusiasm, in both the look and feel of the interior emphasizing the car’s sporting heritage.

Dynamic performance, five doors, variability, comfort. The Cayenne continues on its path of success. With a new design, new driver assistance systems, new drive components and a higher output, yet comparatively low fuel consumption. Having reinvented itself, the Cayenne continues to forge ahead. Straight into the future.

It’s actually all about that one moment when you turn the key in the ignition. And what that triggers in you.

The new Cayenne. Enthusiast driven.

“Capable, well-tuned. Brash and rorty when you want them to be, quiet and civilized when you don’t. The cabin is well trimmed very well, with quality-looking materials and strong fit and finish, as should be expected — even demanded. Also impressive: Even with standard non-studded winter tires and conditions that get progressively icier the Cayenne maintains control to a frustratingly high level when PSM and PTM were kept in their normal settings. Bring them into Sport and Sport Plus modes, and things got a lot more interesting. Want downright fun? Shut ’em both down completely, crank the wheel, and mash the throttle.” ~Motortrend

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