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 The First Electric Sports Car with the Soul of a Porsche

Experience a new generation of sports car. With Porsche E-Performance.
Porsche’s Concept Study Mission E started as an idea that embodied the complete vision of all-electric driving. That concept is now a reality – the Porsche Taycan. Four individual seats, four doors, two luggage compartments, Electric drive, E-Performance and Porsche styling all integrated in a single harmonious concept. The Taycan sets the stage for tomorrow. With its design and its technology, it provides the answer to the question of the sports car of the future.
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The Power

Porsche’s aim was to build an electric vehicle superior to those available today, and provide the driver with an exhilarating driving experience in every possible situation. The system voltage is an incredible 800 V thanks to the PSM high performance motor.

PSM stands for ‘permanently excited synchronous machine’ – an electric motor with extremely high power density, high efficiency and consistent performance over the entire range of speed and distance. The Taycan features two of them: one on each axle with a total of more than 440 kW (600 hp). 

Experience long-distance comfort thanks to the Taycans high range of over 300 Miles per charge and continuous power previously unmatched by electric sports cars – indispensable on the race track. Several maximum acceleration starts in succession are possible without loss of performance. Currently available electric car drives become weaker and thus slower with each new start. Not the Porsche Taycan.

The Design

The Posche Taycan features compact electric motors, no combustion engine, no exhaust system and no transmission tunnel. With this car we are exploring the limits. Such as the harmonious combination of typical Porsche shapes with aerodynamics inspired by motor sports. The result: a  truly gorgeous flow-through body, completely geared towards performance.

  • The front. With its extremely flat hood section, the Porsche Taycan clearly shows the familial ties to the Porsche 918 Spyder. A stylistic and technical highlight of the front is the Matrix LED headlight units with integrated sensors for the assistance systems.

  • The rear.  From the back, Taycan is immediately recognizable as a Porsche. The rear design combines a continuous light strip in sophisticated black glass finish, with functional elements picking up the flow-through theme. The vehicle cabin tapers towards the rear, giving way to prominent rear fenders.

  • Exterior mirrors. Without mirrors. The virtual exterior mirrors are eye-catchers in the truest sense of the word: images from these cameras are reflected in the lower windshield corners. In this way the driver has a better view of the images as well as the surrounding area. Additionally, augmented safety information can be actively displayed here.

  • Eye tracking. Menu navigation is controlled by eye tracking – in line with our operating philosophy of having instant access to essential functions. The system detects the considered instrument by camera. Now the driver activates the instrument menu on the steering wheel by pressing a button, giving access to the desired menu. It just takes another glance at the display to select a different round instrument. Confirmation is by hand. Everything works directly, quickly and intuitively.

  • Dynamic display. The display in the Porsche Taycan follows the sitting position and posture of the driver. As they move their position higher or lower, or lean to the side, the 3D representation of the instruments responds by moving with them.

  • Inductive charging. Without cable, without plug, without “getting your hands dirty”. You comfortably drive the Porsche Taycan over a base plate in your garage – an inductive charging of the battery begins. Fully automatically.

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